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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Special THANK YOU to Dead River Company.

Thanks to Dead River we are able to host a very special veteran attending at our fall Bear Hunt Retreat.

Arthur, a New Hampshire National Guard veteran, is wheelchair bound without full use of his arms and legs.

This year Arthur is being given an opportunity that perhaps he didn't think was possible.

Arthur will be spending the week at House in the Woods in Lee, Maine, with a group of 17 other veterans during week 1 of our annual Bear Hunt Retreat. Not only will he enjoy the healing and camaraderie of the week retreat, but with the aide of our special equipment he will have an opportunity to harvest a bear. He will aim and take that shot all on his own when the moment presents itself!

We're all rooting for you Arthur, we know it's going to be a week to remember whether there's a harvest or not!

Without generous sponsors like Dead River, and their support of our American Heroes, once in a lifetime opportunities like this just wouldn't be possible.

THANK YOU DEAD RIVER for your relentless support of heroes like Arthur,

the House in the Woods program, and your community.

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