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Servicemen and women - THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice!

Men and women like like you, are what the House in the Woods mission is all about.

Thank you for your interest in our programs here at House in the Woods.

All interested individuals are more than deserving of the retreat opportunities as provide. 

We do our best to try and accomodate individuals as best possible, providing retreats,

based on availability of our staff, volunteers and guides. 

Retreat availability will fluctuate on occasion due to the varying availability of these,

and other resources. 

We do have several types of retreats to offer our Military Heroes.

Most of our retreats are hosted in Maine, however, there are several retreat opportunities

in other states, which would not otherwise be available in Maine. (i.e. alligator, sturgeon, etc) 

Due to a high level of interest in our retreats, the way in which we select our attendees

has been adjusted slightly in 2024 to help reduce the wait time from application to 

retreat offering. 

Below you will find the option to select one of the following, to help us identify your area of interest: By selecting hunting, fishing, sturgeon, family or recreational interest we will then be able to offer you one

of the retreats in this category. 

The focus here at House in the Woods is on providing healing outdoor retreats for FREE to you, our military heroes, and focusing on the camaraderie provided. Secondary to that is providing the best retreat possible. There are no guarantee that animals will be harvested or that fish will be caught but we will do our best to leave you feeling appreciated and part of the House in the Woods family. 

We're excited to have you join us on a retreat, and invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for the bi-weekly chronicle to hear the most up to date details on events.

Included in the retreats are food, logding and guided retreat. Attendees are responsible for transportation to the retreat itself, and a hunting/fishing license as needed. 

The healing and camaraderie happening at House in the Woods is best FELT, but here's some feedback from a veteran attending the 2020 Bear Retreat: 

"House in the Woods has done more for me in 1 week,

than twenty years of therapy has been able to touch"

    ~Combat-wounded Veteran attending 2020 Bear Hunt Retreat

Thank you for your interest - please complete the application below.

Questions? please email




Were you honorably discharged from the military?
What kind of retreat are you most interested in?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Submission received - THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice!

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