DID YOU KNOW there's a mortgage balance of
$1,470,000.00 on the House in the Woods lodge?

The 80x90' lodge that so many call their 'Home Away from Home'
is a blessing for the veterans, gold star families, and active duty members
that enjoy and NEED what our mission has to offer. 

With an amazing building and resource like this, comes financial responsibility as well. 

Our 1st priority is the outdoor retreats that we offer all year round, and the direction that all monetary donations go, unless otherwise indicated. 

We're looking for a donor interested in giving back to their community, their country, and the American Heroes we appreciate so much. 

If there were ever an opportunity to have your name on a building, this is the best cause ever! 



The mission, which was laid on Paul House's heart after losing their sonSgt. Joel A. House, has not only served as a way to remember a son, brother, friend, and amazing human being, but it has grown into a HOUSE wheremilitary brothers and sisters come together, to share in the BELONGINGthey once knew, and find healing with those who understand them best. 


Please share the mission of House in the Woods, the lives we're saving, and like we say in Maine, "YA NEVAH KNOW", you just might know someonepersonally who could help ensure that the building, and the House in the Woods mission is here for generations to come. 


- Dorothy Rowe
- Richard Hariman ()