Change for Veterans

" Change for Vets" Can Change a Vet 

We all have them — coins congregating in jars, cars, piggy banks, and couch cushions. Now, coins can bring us together to support veterans from all corners of the Nation, and bring change for vets and their families.


Change for Vets is House in the Woods’ year-round campaign that makes good use of loose and forgotten change.

  • Pennies will bring us one step closer to paying off the lodge, or "home away from home" as so many veterans have called it. The amount due on the lodge as of 1/1/21 is $1.47 million

  • Nickels will drive us forward to being financially free, and dedicating our finances to increasing the number of veterans we're able to host at outdoor retreats, which is the #1 mission of House in the Woods. 

  • Dimes will help ensure that the "love" veterans feel when they walk through the lodge doors, will be here for years, and generations to come.

  • Quarters will help SAVE LIVES, by providing more opportunities to more and more veterans to heal through our outdoor retreats, reducing the veteran suicide rate. 

It all adds up and can make such a difference for veterans everywhere.


"Change for Vets" Group campaigns

Your church, business or small group can adopt the Change for Vets campaign. We’re happy to provide PDF printable promotional materials to encourage those you serve and work with, to get involved.


These same materials can be used for children’s groups, parties, and as tools for teaching stewardship and generosity.


"Change for Vets"  campaigns can be the recipient of your family or group’s next giving initiative. And, it can happen any time during 2021 that’s best for your group.


Workplace giving • Holiday gift-giving • Small group  • Church stewardship campaigns • Mission festivals • Neighborhood gatherings • Birthday parties • Vacation Bible School  • Summer Camps • School Projects


Simply let us know you want to participate by using the link below to request promotional materials you wish to receive.


We’ll be delighted to provide printable materials you can use to help promote your "Change for vets" Group campaigns like posters, flyers, bulletins, social media posts, and emails that can be downloaded and localized with your own collection drive information.

We have another Facebook page for this campaign.  Please click here to visit that page and share it with your FB friends

Distancing and carefree coin collection

Everyone can all safely contribute to "Change for Vets"  

EVERYONE can do SOMETHING, whether it's 5 cents, or $5,000 dollars. 


How do I make a donation? 


Convert your Coins to Cash & send a donation by mail or online 

You can have your coins counted at your local bank or credit union, and simply send a check to House in the Woods, at the address below, or make an online donation via the link below. 


Click here to donate to Change for Vets


TIP: CoinStar kiosks can be used for coin conversion

CoinStar’s big green kiosks are located in neighborhood grocery stores throughout the country. You can get cash in just a few minutes using a Coinstar kiosk. You don’t have to count, sort, or roll your coins. You can take your Change for Good coin box and simply pour it into the machine — again ensuring distancing protocol.

Find a Kiosk

Thank you for sharing your coins of love that will change veterans' lives.


When you cash in your change, a check or online donation can be made instead of dropping off coins

in person. 


A special celebration is planned for July 9th, 2022 in honor of the Lodge's 5th anniversary,

which will include a THANK YOU celebration for those who have played a part in paying off the building,

which is our goal for 2021.  


Any questions please contact Angie at , via phone at 920-517-6749 or use Facebook Messenger to let us know you want to take part.