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** Sponsor amount indicated 

refers to the cost per individual attendee.


Sponsorship includes all food and lodging, airport and retreat transportation, baiting, and guiding.


Costs not included in sponsorship are hunting license, airline fees, butchering, and taxidermy.


All donations large or small are appreciated!

Even $1 makes the difference in our mission

to support our American Heroes!

Rabbit Hunt Retreat $300.00

- Maine

Striper Fishing (July) $550.00

- Kennebec River, Bath, ME


Recreational (July) $750.00

- Sightseeing, trail riding, etc)

Turkey Retreat (May) $750.00


Partridge Retreat (Oct) $750.00


Deer Hunt $1,000.00

- Archery (Oct)

- Rifle Season (Nov)

- Muzzleloader (Dec)


Sturgeon Spearing $1,000.00

- Wisconsin (February)


Alligator Retreat $1,000.00

- Florida (Spring)


Brown Trout, Salmon Fishing $1,500.00

- Lake Ontario, New York


Bobcat Retreat (January) $2,500.00


Black Bear Retreat (Aug-Sept) $3,195.00

- Over Bait


Black Bear Retreat (Aug-Sept) $3,195.00

- Hound Hunt


Moose Hunt (November)

Combat-Wounded Veteran $4,000.00

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