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Meet The
House in the Woods

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Executive Director &

Father of Fallen Hero Sgt. Joel A. House

Paul House.  207-570-4806

  • Collaborate with the Team and Board of Directors to identify, create and implement strategic plans to actualize business objectives.

  • Oversee finances of the program (Revenue, Expenses and Budget).

  • Identify, recruit, develop a talented team of employees and volunteers who can lead critical departments and manage strategic business functions.

  • Monitor organizational operations on all levels (from internal staff to volunteers) and ensure high quality business practices comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Develop the organizational culture and promote transparency and collaboration throughout the team (paid and volunteer) to grow and expand the visibility of the mission, ensuring the legacy of the organization.

  • Develop partnerships with collaborative organizations, prospective donors, and other relevant parties.

  • Identify and take action with regards to potential risks and opportunities within the organization and its environment to protect business interests.

  • Identify potential sources of investment and oversee fundraising efforts.

  • Develop, manage, and oversee all retreats and events occurring within the House in the Woods program (at the lodge or other locations). 

  • Make necessary connections with individuals and companies pertaining to retreats (i.e. insurance companies, bait and logging companies from which we lease land). 

  • Organize all retreats, manage and arrange preparatory activities, and collaborate with volunteers involved. 

  • Guide attendees on outdoor retreats. (Guiding includes but is not limited to scouting, preparing hunting sites, baiting if necessary, guiding attendees safely to and from their sites to ensure a safe and successful retreat, assisting with retrieval of harvest, tracking if necessary, and assisting cleaning and processing game.) 

  • Maintain the House in the Woods facility and any other properties used for our retreats, connecting with subcontractors when necessary. The lodge is an amazing tool to aid our retreats, with the understanding that there is much maintenance involved, some of which is on a daily basis.  

  • Represent the company at social and corporate events in ways that strengthen the brand and communicate the organization’s message.

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Development & Social Media Coordinator 

Angie Gade  920-517-6749

  • Develop and manage fundraising events, volunteer retreats, and donor receptions.

  • Research donor relation programs and grants at local, state, and federal levels.

  • Research and apply accordingly, advertising trends, running ads to receive the best ROI.

  • Raise Brand/Mission Awareness on all social platforms.

  • Identify prospective individual, small business organizational or corporate donors, and develop strategies to cultivate those relationships. 

  • Develop and oversee annual fundraising programs.

  • Maintain ongoing communications with existing sponsors, volunteers, veterans and their families by various methods (social media, email, direct mail & by phone).

  • Rejuvenate relationships with prior sponsors, volunteers, veterans and their families to increase awareness across the country, encouraging positive word of mouth marketing.

  • Collaborate with all House in the Woods staff and volunteers as needed to ensure continual improvement of the program. 

  • Develop print materials for communication and marketing, as necessary. 

  • Assist Executive Director in retreat development, planning, preparation and follow up. 

  • Set Strategic Fundraising Goals and track progress. 

  • Develop social media campaigns that help to achieve marketing goals.

  • Develop reports on emerging social media trends.

  • Develop, maintain, and grow email list for better communication on platforms outside of social media.  

  • Manage the HITW social media accounts to ensure our response rate is high, interaction with viewers continues to grow, and we are utilizing these programs and apps to the best of our ability. Free marketing and advertising is important as a non-profit and the best and most uniform use of these apps is critical. 

  • Create and send out press releases for initiatives, programs, and events.

  • Photograph & video event activities to use in social media, marketing, and fundraising campaigns, including, but not limited to: TV, radio, FB, IG, YT, LI, TWITTER. PODCAST and our website. 

  • Update Website including: keeping the HITW website up to date with the latest events, photos, fundraising opportunities, newsletters, blogs, sponsor recognition, and donations made in memory of loved ones. 

  • Interview sponsors, volunteers, and veterans for use in all campaigns.

  • Create marketing strategies that build loyalty and mission recognition.

  • Work with outside resources to develop new sales pieces (for marketing and fundraising).

  • Develop, create, and manage House Blend coffee purchases, sales, and marketing to increase visibility of the HITW mission.

  • Use proficiently video & photography editing software (InDesign, Adobe Premier Pro, and others, for use in any content creation).

  • Maintain social media calendar creation to ensure the latest updates, activities, opportunities and communications are visible to our followers (FB, IG, YT, LI, TWITTER. PODCAST)

  • Design, plan, create, and collaborate with those involved with the podcasts and YouTube.

  • Implement email marketing campaigns.

  • Create and oversee a Development Team which will help the organization spread the word about the mission more quickly, uniformly, and help to raise funds to support the mission.

  • Develop, create, manage, and release recurring publications (email newsletters, Lincoln News column, etc.) 

  • Travel, as needed, to develop networking, fundraising opportunities and collect all data needed for photo and video documentation for use in communication with donors and potential sponsors. 

  • Schedule appointments, as necessary, for myself or Executive Director (whether in person or via Zoom). 

  • Prepare communications, such as memos, emails, invoices, reports, and other correspondence pertaining to social media, events, and development & marketing.

  • Write and edit documents such as letters, reports, and instructional copy for House in the Woods initiatives, including marketing, sales, and internal communications.

  • Show measured growth by way of analytics and reporting.

  • Give tours to guests of the lodge and answer questions such as seasonal dress and the Maine wilderness.

  • Troubleshoot general questions via email or phone, directing contacts to the proper team member.

  • Interact with all Volunteers, Attendees of retreats, Sponsors, and all individuals we're working with. CONNECTION & COLLABORATION are the key to success. 

  • Be available as an additional resource for ANY and ALL House in the Woods tasks not listed here, but deemed necessary by the Executive Director to forward the mission.

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Holli Bickford

  • Clean public bathrooms. 

  • Sweep and mop all floors on all levels. 

  • Wash all windows and runners. 

  • Wash walls (once or twice a year). 

  • Dust.

  • Vacuum couches and chairs. 

  • Clean private bathrooms. 

  • Wash and change sheets. 

  • Fold laundry. 

  • Wipe down/sanitize surfaces.

  • Clean fridge. 

  • Wash dishes. 

  • Organize closets. 

  • Clean out flies in light fixtures. 

  • Check fire extinguishers. 

  • Decorate. 

  • Take inventory of cleaning supplies. 

  • Wipe down exterior doors inside and out. 

  • Clean utility sink. 

  • Sweep and mop stairs.

  • Work together with the House in the Woods team to support the growth of the mission in the best way possible. 

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deanna house.jpg

Director of Administrative Services &

Mother of Fallen Hero Sgt. Joel A. House

Deanna House 207-943-3175

  • Assist veterans and their families along the journey towards healing the mental and physical loss of war through free therapeutic, educational, and recreational outdoor retreat programs.

  • Direct communication strategies.

  • Participate in fundraising events.

  • Supervise office staff employees and volunteers.

  • Create and maintain collaborative networks between veterans, veterans’ organizations, the Veterans’ Administration, private businesses, and other non-profits.

  • Advocate for the responsible use of natural resources. 

  • Acknowledge and greet visitors, guests and volunteers who come to the lodge, offering to give tours and explain our mission. 

  • Supervise financial activities of the nonprofit, including depositing of checks/currency.

  • Provide notification of financial support to the nonprofit’s bookkeeper, accountant, and correspondence secretary. 

  • Organize meetings for the Executive Director and Board of Directors including scheduling and coordinating the meetings; preparing and disseminating agendas; documenting, disseminating, and archiving the minutes; facilitating Zoom communication platforms. 

  • Compose and edit a variety of correspondence, reports, and other material. 

  • Coordinate with other veterans service organizations to deliver an unparalleled experience in outdoor programming.

  • Collect, analyze, and synthesize data to identify potential opportunities and measure impact of current efforts.

  • Prepare and review contracts.

                   Approve and report employee hours for payroll and unemployment insurance.  

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Mike Kalinowski. 207-897-8034

  • Monitor, inspect and Repair Energy Systems as necessary

  • Inspects the building, grounds, and equipment.

  • Handles necessary repairs and maintenance.

  • Installs equipment and appliances.

  • Follows local and state building codes.

  • Complies with all company safety regulations.

  • Reports any issues to the Executive Director.

  • Responds to repair and maintenance requests in a timely fashion.

  • Collaborates with the Executive Director and contractors as needed.

  • Uses equipment, including power tools, hand tools, electric tools, and plumbing tools.

  • Interact with all Volunteers, Attendees of retreats, Sponsors, and all individuals we're working with. CONNECTION & COLLABORATION are the key to success. 

  • Be available as an additional resource for ANY and ALL House in the Woods tasks not listed here, but deemed necessary by the Executive Director to forward the mission.

  • Work together with the House in the Woods team to support the growth of the mission in the best way possible.

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Interested in joining the team as a volunteer maintenance individual?

Call Paul at 207-570-4806

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