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  • THIS is what supporting Veterans looks like.

    THIS is what supporting Veterans looks like. COLLABORATION among non-profits supporting military heroes. It's not a competition to those who are doing it for the right reason. House In The Woods is proud to collaborate with over 25 like-minded non-profits serving our military heroes and their families. We are proud to call you all friends. All organizations we work with are not shown in this video but they are certainly all represented by what these men have to say in this short video. ⭐️Please listen in and SHARE if you agree! ⭐️ TOGETHER WE HEAL #togetherweheal

  • Once-in-a-lifetime Maine Moose Hunt for this Purple Heart Combat Wounded Marine

    The coveted Maine Moose Tag, a hunting retreat long sought after by many Mainahs and hunters from across the country. Some residents have been applying for 30 years or more and have never been selected. With an average of 50,000 applicants annually and just 4,080 permits issued in 2022, you can see why being selected for a Maine moose tag is such an honor. Maine is now one of the top moose-hunting destinations in the U.S. and once you see it for yourself you’ll know why. House in the Woods Military and family retreat is host to a wide variety of incredible hunting retreats for Veterans, one of which is the Maine Moose Hunt, made possible by the donation of tags from those selected through the lottery process. These hunts are further made possible by the amazing volunteer guides who dedicate not only hunting time with their veteran but the many weeks they spend driving north to scout and plan for the absolute best location of lodging and moose location. During the retreat these volunteer guides not only help locate moose but also help in moose collection, cleaning, transportation, lodging needs, food preparation, and every other aspect of this veterans needs. Sponsors who support the organization help to pay for the considerable expense incurred on these retreats including fuel to travel into the North Maine Woods, lodging, food, and other equipment necessary not only to harvest this large animal but also get the moose out of the woods, have the meat processed through a professional butcher and shipping of the meat back to the veterans home. The cost of the entire hunt including everything from flights to shipping meat could run upwards of $10,000.00. Taxidermy is not included and is the responsibility of the attending veteran otherwise all other expenses are paid for by House in the Woods and it’s supporting sponsors. Thanks to the collaborative mindset between House in the Woods and AHERO, David Soto was recommended as a potential participant in this retreat. David is a Purple Heart recipient, a combat-wounded Marine from O’Donnell, Texas, and an incredible man, more than deserving of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You might find it interesting to know that moose outnumber people three to one in areas of the North Maine Woods with a whopping estimated population of 76,000 moose. That sounds like a sure thing, right? Not exactly. Once you factor in that there are 3.5 million acres of forest land which makes this retreat one that you will remember for a lifetime because although incredibly peaceful and relaxing hunting with your team, this woodland area is going to make you work for it. There are no rangers, no lifeguards, and more often than not, no cell service.  You’ll need to bring in everything you need because it’s a very long way to the nearest gas station. David had nothing to fear as he would be guided by an amazing group of very skilled, qualified, and caring Maine Guides and volunteers. He was joined by the Executive Director of House in the Woods Paul House and volunteers Spencer Randall, Dan Aiken, and Mike McGinnis. David and his House in the Woods support team spent Sunday settling into camp and getting familiar with the lay of the land. Heading to bed early is key as 3 a.m. will come quickly. Truth be told we’re certain there isn’t much sleep with the excitement of the pending hunt in the morning. David shared the experience in his own words, “Monday morning we started glassing for moose, calling for moose in an area we had seen tracks the day before, but nothing called back. We glassed for an hour and a half but no response, so we moved to another area. We move from one cut to another call all morning with no response.” One of the areas you may find moose is a tree clearcut, or an area where most of the trees were logged at the same time and few trees are left standing. 1 year or 2-year-old cuts are ideal for visibility. The moose love to feed on the small saplings and vegetation growing there. “We did a lot of walking and tracking so around 3 p.m. we all decided to take a nap since the time moose move most is in the morning or the evening. After a 20-minute nap, we went back to the location we had been earlier, sat there and called. Nothing responded so we went riding again, we saw two cow moose going up a hill and stopped to watch them. Just 80 yards in front of them we spotted the bull moose, so I took a shot at it coming down the hill and made a clean harvest, leaving him just 80 yards off the road.” David goes on, “Turbo the tracking dog was with us and although it was just a short distance it was impressive to see him work and be part of it all. This was my first-time moose hunting and it was incredible. I did not know about glassing, hiking, or riding, and I learned so much about wildlife in general spending time with Paul and the rest of the team. I enjoyed spotting, stalking, walking, tracking, and looking for sign. Everyone pitched in and helped in every way possible. They were nice, and it was incredible.” Upon their return, they delivered the moose to the butcher who quickly processed the moose before he boarded the plane to head home to Texas later that week. David was able to take back 250 pounds of various cuts such as steaks and ground meat. The rest of the meat processed was donated back to the House in the Woods program where it will be enjoyed by veteran attendees of many other retreats which are held all throughout the year. A moose will provide enough meat to feed a family for several years if processed and packaged correctly. David had this to share about the moose meat, “We had the steaks, made jerky and burgers. My wife loves the ground moose. It’s better than anything we’ve ever had. We have had whitetail, axis, elk, and beef and this beats it all. There’s better flavor and it’s healthier for our family, not to mention our freezer will be full for quite some time. The jerky was incredible, I just seasoned it up before putting it in the dehydrator. I shared it with my coworkers, and it was finished off in one sitting. I may put some in the smoker today too.” His final words about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity were, “This is by far the greatest experience I have ever had on a hunt. I have been on hunts before, but this is totally different. You work for your harvest rather than just sitting in a blind. I loved spending time with those with me. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

  • House in the Woods Book Recommendation

    House in the Woods Book Recommendation Written by Active Duty hero Justin Jordan Find it here:

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  • HOME | hitw

    1/4 TOGETHER, WE HEAL OUR MISSION GET INVOLVED PROGRAMS Our Mission is to create a therapeutic, recreational, and educational retreat for our nation's U.S. armed forces and their families, using outdoor wilderness activities in Maine and natural habitats to help participants share common challenges related to their service and sacrifice in protecting our nation's freedom and democratic ideals. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to provide FREE outdoor retreats to our service members and their families. Your contribution and support may change, or save, a veteran's life. Get involved today. We offer outdoor retreats for active duty military, veterans, and their family members, in the great wilderness of Maine. Activities include hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, nature tours, campfires, swimming, and wildlife identification and spotting. ​ Individuals with PTSD, TBI, and Combat related injuries not only find peace in the outdoors, but LIFE SAVING healing here. Click here to Pre-order your sweatshirt! Click here to see a list of sponsor links. Thank you Sponsors for keeping our Healing Outdoor Retreats FREE for our attendees! CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS SPONSOR A VET TODAY Sponsor a veteran in someone's honor this year and receive a certificate to wrap up and give as a gift. Along with your sponsorship certificate your loved one (and you) will receive email updates throughout the year regarding YOUR veteran sponsored. As you can imagine, the demand is high for non-perishable items at the House in the Woods lodge, which we often have to purchase using donations. If you are able to, and interested, please take a look at the link below to see our regularly used items at the lodge. The ship to address is build into the wish list. We appreciate any support you are able to offer. Every donation regardless of size, is making it possible to provide these healing opportunities for our veterans. Click here to find out WHERE you can find TURBO BOOST? Click here to order! THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS BLUE TRITON BRANDS download (2) Design-Architectural-Heating BLUE TRITON BRANDS 1/91 Start Here WHAT PEOPLE SAY "Your program is an excellent example of Mainers working together to fill an unmet need in our State. The servicemen and women who have dedicated themselves to defending our freedom overseas face a unique set of challenges when returning home to civilian life. These veterans - and their families- deserve our full support in this time of transition, and House in the Woods is clearly committed to these goals." — Governor, Paul LePage, State of Maine GET YOUR HITW MERCH HERE! Purchase your House in the Woods Merchandise today! ​ Not only will you be looking good in your newest apparel, but you'll be spreading the word about the mission of GIVING BACK! LEARN MORE

  • IN MEMORY OF | hitw

    A donation has been made to House in the Woods in LOVING MEMORY of... ​ Our loved ones leave a legacy behind, and through sharing their interests and passions, we honor them and share a little of them with the world even after they are no longer physically with us. ​ By making a donation to House in the Woods you're showing your loved one in some way, believes in honoring our military men and women, and GIVING BACK. When you see their name or photo on our IN MEMORY PAGE, please let it be a reminder that your loved one continues on not only in your heart and mind, but in those of anyone who visits here. ​ We honor and remember your loved one. Thank you for your donation. Donate here in your loved ones honor = Veteran = Gold Star Family Martha Thurlow Further details to follow. ​ Lee - Lester O. Delano, 102, went home to be with his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ on Sept. 26, 2022, with family holding his hands. He was born in Lee, Maine on January 18, 1920, the son of Fred and Fern Delano of Lee, Maine. He was the middle child with four siblings. He graduated from Lee Academy in 1939 and left college and enlisted in the U.S. Army-Air Corps on December 31, 1941. Lester served with the 12th Bomb Group, 82nd Squadron as a radio operator and waist gunner aboard a B-25 Mitchell. He flew 55 combat missions over North Africa and was awarded a number of honors including the Air Medal and a Presidential Citation. Upon his discharge on September 15, 1945, he returned to his beloved hometown of Lee marrying Shirley Webster on June 6, 1945. They were parents of four children - Marie Kurtz of Pennsylvania, Darryl Delano of Waterboro, Sheila Leighton of Lincoln, and Fred Delano of Troy. He worked as a potato farmer but ultimately worked as a carpenter for the greater part of his life. He and his coworker, Wayne Bartlett, built or renovated many buildings in the Lee area including building the town post office as well as renovating Mallett Hall and the Lee Museum. He worked well into his eighties marking furniture and cutting boards. He was a selectman of Lee for a number of years serving also as first selectman. He lost the love of his life, Shirley Delano, on May 3, 2017, after nearly 72 years of marriage but kept himself busy visiting folks. He was known around the Lee area for his generous giving of Hershey Kisses, Reese's peanut butter cups, and bags of oranges. Serving others was very dear to his heart as he enjoyed his church family at Lee Baptist Church practicing his faith in and outside those beloved walls, part of which he built. Often, he said "Love God, love your family, love your country." Lester left behind his four children and their spouses, 12 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren. He was dearly loved and will be missed, so his family is celebrating his life on Oct. 8, 2022, at Lee Baptist Church at 3 p.m. All are welcomed to join us. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Lee Baptist Church and/or The House in the Woods. Messages of condolence may be expressed at Lester's Book of Memories at Full Obituary Lester Delano Alexander Nicholas Beichek was a loving, caring Son, Husband, Father to 3 daughters, Grandfather, and Friend to so many. Born in New Jersey, the son of Russian Immigrants; Alex was compassionate and he lived his life with passion, humor and integrity. He loved his country and it seemed fitting that his life would end on July 4th. At that time in 2000, my 9 year old daughter responded, “we’ll always remember Pop Pop with fireworks”. He believed in freedom and choices for every individual. Alexander served in the Army Air Force as 2nd Navigator & Bombardier on a B29 Circle X tail code, in the 99th Bombardment Squadron flying many missions over the Tinian Islands. He, along with each crew member, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, in honor of their successful mission of flying over a Japanese Prison camp and dropping supplies and food, (along with personal messages they attached) to the POW’s held there. The messages said that they weren’t forgotten, the war is ending and please let us know when you’re home safely. Eight months later he would receive a letter of thank you from that day; and it would bring tears to his eyes whenever he read it to us, which was at least once a year. Alexander Beichek Full Obituary Peter Henderson WEST BATH - Peter Alan Henderson, 65, originally from the Bangor area passed away unexpectedly on December 27, 2021, at the home he shared with his girlfriend, Karen Van Der Werf and her son, Zachary, in West Bath. Peter was born on August 3, 1956, to Dorothy and Sampson Henderson of Veazie. He graduated from Bangor High School in 1975. Peter often spoke warmly about the relationships he had built with community members through his work at Jordan's Meats, Carl Smith Foods and most recently Sysco Northern New England. He had recently retired after working for Sysco with over 35 years of service. He spoke admirably of his co-workers and found their friendships invaluable. Peter was kind, loving and had a knack for making those around him feel special. His sense of humor and unfailing wit brought people together and joy to the most difficult of situations. Peter is survived by his daughters, Jaime Henderson and Ashlie Henderson; son-in-law, David Garcia; grandchildren, Tyler, Kendra and Elliyana; brother, Dean Henderson; nephews and their loving wives, Josh and Michelle Henderson and Rich and Mandy Dickey. He was predeceased by his beloved nephew, Ian Henderson in 2018. Peter adored his family and was extremely proud of each of their personal accomplishments. Full Obituary Marjorie Brooks Marjorie J. (Smart) Brooks, 97, passed away Jan. 26, 2021. Marjorie was born in Knighton, S. Wales, UK, Feb. 3, 1923, the first child of Albert and Ethel Smart. ​ Marjorie married Earle in 1945. Together they lived in many places around the world from 1945 to 1963, when they moved to Sandy Point. Marjorie enjoyed gardening, collecting plates and baking Christmas cookies for many years. ​ She was predeceased by her parents, husband Earle, daughter Joan Lanpher, daughter-in-law Peggy, brothers Charles and John, and sister Betty. ​ Marjorie will be missed by her children, son Victor and wife Rainy, son Robert, son Clyde and wife Wendy, son David and wife Stacy, and son-in-law Charlie Lanpher. Marjorie is also survived by eight grandchildren, Heather, Matthew, Megan, Chelsea, Jordan, Colby, Jason and Alicen; three great-grandchildren, Bryan, Ashley and Maggie; two great-great-grandchildren, Fallon and Jade Wood; and many nieces and nephews. Full Obituary Shawn Allen Ruichards ORONO - Shawn Alan Richards, 46, died at his home on March 29, 2019, surrounded by his loved ones after a courageous battle with brain cancer. Shawn was born on June 24, 1972, in Bangor, the son of Mark Richards and Paulette (Tidwell) Cunningham. Shawn graduated from Old Town High School in 1991. He married his High School sweetheart, Nicole (Blanchard) Richards, and they settled with their family in Orono. Shawn and Nicole had two daughters, Jordan Marie Richards, and Katelyn Elizabeth Richards. Jordan and Katelyn were Shawn's pride and joy. He often talked about his daughters being his greatest accomplishment. Shawn was an amazing father who enjoyed the company of "his girls". He coached their softball teams, kissed away their bumps and bruises, and was always there to make everything all better. The girls activities were very important to Shawn and he never missed a single event. Shawn enjoyed making dinners for his family and used the dinner table as a place to maintain the values they grew to share as a family. He took great pride in the longevity of his relationship and marriage with his one and only true love, Nicole. Full Obituary SKOWHEGAN – On April 10, 1929, Alan B. Burke, was born on the Burke family farm in Robbinston, Maine overlooking the Passamoquoddy Bay. His life on earth ended at home on Dec. 9, 2021. He has gone to be with his Lord. Growing up on the farm, he learned to care for the animals, spent time with his grandfather, Fred Burke, in the blacksmith shop where his first job was to turn the fan crank on the forge and pass nails to the blacksmith when shoeing horses. He also spent time with his uncles, Percy and Leroy, in the carpenter shop playing with tools and learning how to use them. ​ Alan walked to the Robbinston Ridge one-room school for grades one to six. Before he went to school, he could read, knew the states and capitals, had a globe and maps. He skipped grade seven, had the same teacher in grade eight at the Robbinston Village two-room school. He graduated from Calais Academy in 1946. He said, “I had my diploma in one hand and draft papers in the other”. He spoke with a recruiter in Calais. After looking at his high school records, he was promised Army Air Corps schools, so he enlisted in the Army Air Corps for four years. Alan Burke Full Obituary Full Obituary Full Obituary ​ Perry - Forrest G. Carter, 87, passed on Monday, June 20th, surrounded by his loving family. Forrest was born in Pembroke to Wallace E Carter and Elisabeth K Carter on December 13, 1934. Forrest attended Pembroke schools and after graduation he enlisted in the United States Air Force. When his service ended he returned home and did numerous jobs. He met his wife of 59 years, Juanita A Davis and they moved to Long Island, New York. In NY he worked as an arborist and after several years they returned to Pembroke. They went on to have three daughters. Forrest found his career at the paper mill in Baileyville, Me, where he worked as a stationery engineer and steam plant supervisor, retiring in 1993. Through his employment, he made many great friends. Forrest loved spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, gardening, and working in his garage. Forrest was predeceased by his wife Juanita, his parents Wallace and Elisabeth, brother Francis Carter and sister Pauline Cantwell. Forrest is survived by his sister Helen (Leona) Redding and her husband William; three daughters, Elisabeth Beal, Juanita Carter and Mary Anne Spearin and husband Ronald; three grandchildren; Forrest Beal and wife Heidi, Tiffany Levasseur and husband Scott, and Ronald Spearin; eight great grandchildren Brice, Anthony, Casey, Ben, Peyton, Dalton, Trinity and Sierra; four great-great grandchildren; many nieces and nephews; and special friend Francis “Brother Benson” who visited and brought his homemade applesauce. Forrest also leaves behind his faithful companion beagle Babe. Forest Carter Sheila Lambert HERMON - Sheila Gail (Lambert) Merrill of Hermon, passed away on November 2, 2015, after a brief but desperate battle with cancer. She is survived by two children, four grandchildren, a great-granddaughter and two sisters. Born in Calais, Sheila lived her entire life in the state of Maine, and she enjoyed a very successful career as an office manager. A nature lover, world traveler and a strong supporter of numerous and varied volunteer efforts, Sheila spent her last days in peace, surrounded by her loving family and many friends. A celebration of Sheila's life will be held in the spring, when the trees bud and the flowers bloom. The family requests that those who wish to remember Sheila in a special way may make gifts in her memory to House in the Woods, a military and family retreat, 217 Skunk Hill Road, Lee, ME 04455. A service of Brookings-Smith, Bangor. Gene Stevens Here is Gene Stevens Sr.’s obituary. Please accept Echovita’s sincere condolences. ​ We are sad to announce that on April 24, 2019 we had to say goodbye to Gene Stevens Sr. (North Berwick, Maine), born in York, Maine. You can send your sympathy in the guestbook provided and share it with the family. You may also light a candle in honor of Gene Stevens Sr. or send a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral service. ​ He was loved and cherished by many people including : his parents, Harold Stevens and Lillian Stevens (Kimball); his wife Joyce Stevens (Dryden) of Wells; his sons, Gene Stevens, Jr. of Lyman, Charles Stevens of Wells and Alex Stevens (Amy) of Sanford; his sisters, Rita Barr (Harvey) of South Berwick and Sherry Harriman (Richard) of Sanford; and his grandchildren, Amber, Taylor, Haley, Tiffany, Hannah, Kia, Madelyn and Phoebe. Full Obituary Karen Ruitto Medway - Karen A. Ruitto, 64, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family. For many years she struggled with health issues and on August 22, 2021 went home to her Lord and Savior. Karen was born December 24, 1956 at Millinocket Regional Hospital to Rosaire Deloge Sr. and Geneva Deloge (Theriault). She was a devoted Catholic and a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in East Millinocket. Karen was very proud, honest, and generous. She had an amazing set of skills in culinary arts that everyone enjoyed. Karen is survived by her husband Patrick Ruitto Sr. of Medway, sons Michael Deloge of Hubbardston Massachusetts, Patrick Ruitto Jr. and his wife Megan Ruitto of Gray, Joshua Ruitto and fiancé Jessica of New Gloucester, Joseph Ruitto and his wife Katee of Turner, sisters Judy Albert, Janice Deloge, Sandra LaCombe and brothers Nathan Deloge, Herman Deloge and Rick Deloge all of Medway. She was predeceased by her parents and three brothers, Dennis, Robert, and Rosaire Jr.. Additionally she is survived by so many wonderful nieces, nephews, cousins and grandchildren and great grandchildren all of which she loved with all her heart. Leeds- Russell Alden Bragdon, 62, a Vietnam veteran long known for his honesty and wit, died on June 19, 2012 in Leeds after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He died at home surrounded by his love ones. ​ Russell was born in Lewiston on March 22, 1950, the son of Alden M. and Celia I (Russell) Bragdon. He worked at various handy-man jobs and worked for several years in the employment of Joe Murphy. ​ He enjoyed gardening, hunting, wood-working, spending time with family, his pets, and especially his dogs. Russell was predeceased by his father. Full Obituary Russell Bragdon The Eastport Honor Guard presided over Hollis E Matthews burial service on May 5th at the Eastport breakwater. Hollis was a WWII D-Day survivor His last wish was to be put to rest in Passamaquoddy Bay. In lieu of a donation to the Eastport Honor Guard. Hollis Matthews Frenchville/Fort Kent---Don Charette, 50, passed away suddenly on May 29, 2022, doing what he loved, riding motorcycle, and raising monies for charities. He was born in Fort Kent on November 29, 1971, son of Clarence and Gladys (Hebert) Charette. Don was a Junior Warden with the Fort Kent Masonic Lodge #209, Widows Sons Vice President with Temple Guard Northwoods Maine Chapter, and a Noble with Anah Shrine. He loved spending time with family, working on and riding motorcycles, and raising monies for various charities. He exemplified the meaning of Brotherhood. Don created Pitched Halo Customs to share his passion for custom motorcycle parts. Don always had a way of making new friends no matter where he went, all he had to do was make eye contact and people were drawn to him. He always had a story to share no matter the situation. He is survived by his loving wife Jennie LaRose Charette of Frenchville; his children, Cody Charette of Madawaska, Christopher Lehoux, Jr of Sanford, Chantel Charette of Farmington, and Paige Charette of Sanford and many other friends and family. He was predeceased by his father Clarence Charette and brother-in-law Jim Bergeron. In lieu of flowers, donations in Don’s memory may be made to the Fort Kent Masonic Lodge #209 Masons Assisting Communities Fund, 291 West Main St., Fort Kent, ME 04743. Full Obituary Don Charette Eastport – Robin Oliver Zuckerman, 26, passed away Sunday, May 29, 2022 as a result of an automobile accident. Rob was born in Jamestown, NY on November 3, 1995, son of Jonathan “Jay” and Kathleen (Chaffee) Zuckerman. Rob attended school in Jamestown, NY and graduated from high school in Kenmore, NY, Class of 2013. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and proudly service in Intelligence. Following his service he remained in Maryland until relocating to Eastport in 2020 to be closer to his father. Rob was currently opening his own coffee shop, The Rose Café, in The Hub in Calais. He loved the outdoors and could often be found going for hikes with his best friend and canine companion, Sketch. He enjoyed playing golf and on the local men’s basketball and volleyball leagues. Rob was predeceased by his mother Kathleen Zuckerman; paternal grandparents Dr. Gerald and Sue Zuckerman; and his maternal grandmother. Surviving are his father Jonathan “Jay” Zuckerman and companion Donna Parlin of Eastport; maternal grandfather Don Chaffee of Hatch Hollow, PA; sister Kimberly Danna of Buffalo, NY; several aunts, uncles and cousins; and numerous friends throughout the world. A Celebration of Rob’s Life will be held at a later date. Burial will take place in Hatch Hollow, PA. In lieu of flowers, donations in Robin’s memory may be made to the Travis Mills Foundation, 747 Western Ave, Manchester, ME 04351, or online at Arrangements by Mays Funeral Home, Calais & Eastport. Rob Zuckerman Full Obituary Jeremy Badot Nick was born Dec. 28, 1982, in Waterville, the son of Leonard Marin Jr. and Desiree (Harris) Marin of Benton. Nick was a 2001 graduate of Lawrence High School and attended the University of Maine at Orono, where he received his degree in mechanical engineering technology in 2005. Nick was pursuing his master's degree in engineering science. He was employed by Pratt & Whitney in North Berwick as a manufacturing engineer, where he was well-loved by his coworkers. When not hard at work, Nick could be found training his dog, Reese, proudly riding his Harley on the open road or staying in for a game night with Tasha, James and Amy. He enjoyed weekends at camp on Bennett Pond in Parkman with his family, four-wheeling and putting his personal touch to the camp. All who knew Nick could see and feel his love for life, doing everything at 100 percent and with a smile on his face. His love and dedication to family and friends will set an example that will surely live on. Full Obituary Nick Marin Jeremy John Badot, Age 26, of Kingston, Massachusetts passed away on Sunday, March 13th 2022. Jeremy was the beloved son of John and Heidi Badot, Fiance of Ashley Adamcewicz, and brother of Jonathan and Gianna Badot. In addition to his family he is survived by his grandparents, Bruce and Alice Sunnerberg, Fran and Suzanne Smith, his future in-laws Joe and Bridget, his dog Banks, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many wonderful friends. Jeremy graduated from SLRHS and continued his education at NEIT for his associates degree in Electrical. Jeremy was employed with Griffin Electric where he recently obtained his Journeyman license. He had a big heart and loved boating, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, traveling, and being with his family and closest friends. Full Obituary John K. Garabrant, 51, a Gold Star Father of Nashua, passed away peacefully on March 1, 2022 due to diabetes, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure. Born June 8, 1970, a NH native, John grew up in Peterborough where he was active in his community with scouts, playing baseball and ice hockey, had a paper route in town as a child and later a volunteer EMT and firefighter with the Peterborough Fire Department. He completed his high school requirements in three years and was eager to get out into the world and live life. John's dream was to join the military. Unfortunately, due to medical conditions, that wasn't in the cards for him. Instead he graduated from the Police Academy in Concord and worked as a part-time police officer with the Lyndeboro Police Department for several years. ​ Skeet shooting, hunting, go-kart racing, and a good cribbage game were hobbies John loved, in addition to riding his Harley. He was active in church, youth fellowship, and had a strong faith. He has been active with the Gold Star community since 2014. His children were his pride and joy and he loved spending time with family and friends. Full Obituary John Garabrant Millard "Mickey" Walter Dolley, 75, passed away on February 25, 2022, after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer, at home in the presence of his wife, Judy (Biron) Dolley. Born on November 21, 1946, in Lincoln, ME, he was the son of Walter Leigh and Shirley Kimball Dolley of Lincoln, ME. Mickey was a graduate of Mattanawcook Academy, class of 1965. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy after technical school, joining the Silent Services in January 1966. He became a torpedo operation and maintenance operator on the USS Sablefish SS-303, making lifelong friends. He left the Navy in October 1969, going on to join the Maine Air National Guard and complete 26 years of military service. Mickey worked at General Electric for more than 30 years as a lathe machine operator, retiring in April 2003. Raised a Mason on February 25, 1981, he was a member of the Kenduskeag Lodge No.137. He became a member of the Anah Shrine on June 5, 1982, an active member of the Keystone Cop Unit from 1984-1997. Riding Mickey's Harley was a favorite pastime he and Judy enjoyed, touring as far as Sturgis. He joined a Masonic riding group, the Low XII Chapter of Widow Sons, in 2015. He traveled many places with the team, going as far as Alaska. Other pastimes included golfing, the GE League and Florida annual, kayaking, camping, fly fishing, and most of all traveling. Full Obituary Mickey Dolley Full Obituary "Ricky" Lundin ​ Richard "Ricky" Allen Lundin, 70, passed away Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at the Togus Medical Center. He was born November 6, 1950, in Brownville, the son of Dolan and Thelma (Murchison) Lundin. Ricky grew up in Brownville and graduated from Penquis Valley High School in 1969. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, and upon his honorable discharge returned to Maine. On October 18, 1986, Ricky married Karen Miles, with whom he would share almost thirty-five years of marriage. He worked for the Canadian Pacific Railroad and retired after 20 years. Ricky was an avid outdoorsman, who thoroughly enjoyed hunting and fishing. His true passion though was his family, especially the grandchildren. Ricky had a quick wit and was fun to be around. He could talk to anybody and was very easy going. He was the perfect girl dad as he never said no to them. He is survived by his wife, Karen Jean Lundin of Haynesville; two daughters, Tannis Lundin and her significant other, Kyle Hipsley, of Houlton and Miranda Wotton and her husband, Jordan, of Littleton; and four grandchildren, Trinity, Kemper, Hayden, and Rowen. He also leaves behind three brothers, Dennis Lundin, Larry Lundin and Marvin Lundin and his wife, Kathy, all of Brownville; two sisters, Susan Sawtell of Brownville and Cindy Lundin and her significant other, Kevin Macalister, of Atkinson; as well as several nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by a daughter, Caitlin Lundin. Dana Wade Dunham, 66, of Oquossoc Avenue, Rangeley, died unexpectedly Thanksgiving morning at his home, He was born in Farmington, March 5, 1955, a son of David (Willard) and Evangeline Louise (Polland) Dunham Sr. He attended Rangeley school and is a veteran of the United States Army having served in Korea for two deployments as a vehicle mechanic, and wrecker operator. He was decorated and awarded the Armed Forces expeditionary medal, the natio nal defense service medal, and was awarded the M-16 rifle sharpshooter badge. His other talents among others included trapping unwanted animals and setting them free, plowing for numerous folks, caretaking for properties, mowing lawns, and most recently installing windows, and doing glass and screen repair. On June 5, 1999, he married, whom has been his long-time companion for over 42 years, Jill Denise Gray at the Church of the Good Shepard. He enjoyed the great outdoors especially fishing and hunting especially with his son and teaching his love for these sports with his grandchildren. Full Obituary Dana Dunham ​ Harley Francis Thibedeau, Jr. 78, of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, passed away on December 2, 2021 of heart failure at home. Harley was born in Salem, MA on June 17, 1943 to Harley Thibedeau Sr. and Eva Woodbury Thibedeau. He graduated from Beverly High School in Beverly, MA in 1961 and went directly to work for General Electric in Lynn, MA, where he served for more than 30+ years as a special machinist. In 1992 Harley met Marge Cucinelli, the love of his life, at a dance in Beverly and the rest is history. After Harley's retirement at the age of 54, Harley and Marge moved to Maine and Harley started a business of flipping houses as a hobby. Harley enjoyed traveling with Marge, his wife of just shy of 30 years. He also enjoyed boxing, hunting, golf, shooting, telling bad jokes, and spending time with family and friends and his very special cat, Lucy, who passed away at the age of 19 last year. Harley was a generous, kind, fun-loving man who liked nothing more than spoiling his six grandchildren - Ashley, Brett, Kevin, Dylan, Deirdra, and Josh. Harley is survived by Marjorie Cucinelli, sisters Shirley Loffredo (and husband Nick) of Portland, ME, and Sandy Bernard of Beverly, MA, daughter Angelina Guzofski (and partner Steve) of Peabody, MA, and many very special nephews, nieces, and extended family, all of whom he loved very much. Harley is predeceased by his mother, father, brother Charles (Skip), and beloved son Sean. Harley Thibedeau Jr. Full Obituary Frederick G. Curtis Sr. BREWER - Frederick G. Curtis Sr., 94, formerly of Prentiss Twp., passed away September 29, 2021, at St. Joseph Hospital. Frederick was born on May 19, 1927, in Carroll, Maine. ​ Fred was in the U.S. Army, Second Armored Division - Hell on Wheels during WWII stateside. Fred could fix or make about anything having been a farmhand, mechanic, heavy equipment operator and salesman, volunteer fireman, town sexton, road commissioner, and worked in his own construction business. He also was a member of the Prentiss Roll of Honor Committee and played an active part in cemetery association affairs. He enjoyed fishing, boating, camping, Country and Western TV shows and music, as well as CB radio with CB handle "Reject" along with his wife, Flora "Red Rose." A graveside service is planned for October 9 at Treadwell Cemetery in Prentiss at 1 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the House in the Woods, 217 Skunk Hill Rd., Lee, ME 04455. Published on October 5, 2021 Full Obituary Stanley L. Goodwin, 92, a longtime resident of Colorado Springs and Sun City, Arizona, died peacefully on Sept. 28, 2017, at his home with family at his side. The son of Warren Leslie and Susie J. (Berry) Goodwin, Stan was born May 7, 1925, in North Waterboro, Maine. Upon graduation from high school, he joined the Army Air Corp/USAF and spent the next 26 years as a pilot and meteorologist. Some aircraft he piloted were the B-17, B-25, C-47, and C-54. Following his last assignment at NORAD Headquarters, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1969. He then began a second career as a realtor that continued until 1982. Stan loved to travel in the United States and around the world and continued to fly until the last few months of his life. On November 24, 1945, Stan married his first love, Ruth Elizabeth (Anderson) Goodwin. Together, they raised four wonderful children before her passing April 17, 1982. Stan married his second love, Sue (Larkin) Lowry, on December 22, 1989, and his family grew with her four awesome children. They enjoyed their retirement years until Sue passed away on November 15, 2012. Stan moved back to Colorado Springs in 2013. A celebration of Stan's life was held on Monday, October 9, at 3 pm in the Academy Lounge at Liberty Heights, 12105 Ambassador Dr, Colorado Springs 80921. In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made in Stan's memory to: House in the Woods, 217 Skunk Hill Rd, Lee, ME 04455 or online at . Stanley L. Goodwin Full Obituary ALTON - David A. Michaud, 66, passed away November 5, 2021. He was born March 12, 1955, in Old Town, a son of George Robert "Bob" Michaud and Lynette (Jackson Michaud Pete. David loved the outdoors, enjoying hunting, fishing, watching his game cameras especially for deer and bear, and working in his gardens. He had a love and respect for the land. His garden included apple trees, blueberries, grapes and many vegetables that he shared with family and friends. He worked for Old Town Canoe the past 21 years, where he was active member of their volunteer committee and spent countless hours working with the Ronald McDonald House, Anah Shrine, The Backpack Project, and other local charity events. He is survived by his mother, Lynette Pete of Alton; sisters, Marie Richards and her husband, Phil, of New York, and Ann Canas of Germany; brothers, Leo Michaud and his wife, Jessie, of Milford, Jeff Michaud of Alton, Tom Michaud of Hermon, and Tim Michaud of Georgia; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and close friends. He was predeceased by his father, Robert; brother, Robert "Bob" Michaud Jr.; and his dear canine companion, Molly. Friends may call 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. November 10, 2021, at Birmingham Funeral Home, 438 Main St., Old Town. Masks will be required regardless of vaccination status. A private graveside service will be at the Alton Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to House in the Woods, 217 Skunk Hill Rd., Lee, ME 04455, or to a charity of one's choice. David Allen Michaud Read full obituary Alan Peter Ladotski, 72 of Kensington, Connecticut & Oro Valley, Arizona passed away August 20th, 2020 after a battle with caner. ​ After attending Central Connecticut State university, Al worked for the State of Connecticut at the Department of Environmental Protection for 29 years. He belonged to the Bell City Rifle Club where he started competition shooting at the age of 10. He also enjoyed collecting geodes, baseball cards and several other items that piqued his interest. ​ He is survived by his wife of 28 years Jean (House), several sister-in-laws, brothers-in-law and cousins. He also leaves behind two special friends, Ginny and Sharon. He was preceded by his parents, Dorothy and Peter Ladotski. Al Ladotski Read full obituary Read full obituary BAILEYVILLE - Dawn K. Smith, 55, passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Sunday, October 3, 2021. Dawn was born on July 24, 1966, in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, to Harry James Smith, Jr. and Edna (Jane) Smith. In 1984, she graduated from Woodland High School, where she was involved in everything from cheerleading and drama, to the math club and honor society. She served as president of the senior class and her classmates voted her "best dressed" and "prettiest smile." She earned a bachelor's degree in sociology, specializing in criminal justice, in 1988 from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla. While in college, she was a resident advisor, active in CKI (a service and leadership organization) and volunteered with Special Olympics. She also studied in London, England. Dawn K. Smith Read Obituary Here LEE - Nancy Louise (Pickering) Lothrop, age 79, passed away quietly on September 3, 2020, in Lee, Maine at the home where she was born and raised, the little one-room schoolhouse that her parents, Vaughn and Arlene (McPike) Pickering, bought and moved from the corner of Route 6 and the North Road during the Great Depression. Nancy was born on September 28, 1940, and attended Lee schools, graduating from Lee Academy in 1958. She married her high school sweetheart, Eaton Lothrop, and raised her family as a Navy wife and mom. Nancy loved to spend time with her family and friends at her camp on Silver Lake. For over 20 years, she was a "snowbird" in Barr's Park in Zephyrhills, Florida. Nancy will always be remembered for her love and devotion to her family, the funny things she used to say known as "Grammy Nancyisms," and her Irish temper. She was a member of the former Northwoods Alliance in Lee. She was the Correspondence Secretary at House in the Woods Military and Family Retreat and was on the Board of Directors for the Sgt. Joel A. House Summer Camp Fund. She loved to eat out at local diners with her friends, especially her neighbor, Geraldine Crocker, who has a special place in the family's heart. Nancy Louise Lothrop Read Obituary Here Richard R. “Dick” Pelletier, 70, of Syracuse, IN passed away at 11:39 p.m. on Friday, April 8, 2016 at Lutheran Hospital of Indiana in Fort Wayne, IN. He was born on November 2, 1945 in Nashua, NH to Robert Sylvio & Theresa Cecile (Deboisbriand) Pelletier. He graduated in 1963 from Nashua High School, in 1975 from Lowell Technological Institute in Lowell, MA, and was a United States Army veteran. On August 17, 1968 in Nashua, NH he married Rachel E.B. Lebrun who survives and they moved to Syracuse in 1989 from Richmond, VA. He previously worked at Brockway Plastics in Nashua, NH & Richmond, VA, Silgan Plastics in Ligonier, and retired from Lippert Components in Goshen after 5 years. ​ He was a member of St. Martin DePorres Catholic Church in Syracuse & Wawasee Kiwanis Club in Syracuse, where he served as Lieutenant Governor of the Indiana Land of Lakes Division for Kiwanis International. He was a volunteer for the Syracuse Food Pantry, president of the Board of Directors at Lakeland Learning Center in Syracuse where he spent countless hours volunteering & served on the Board of Directors for the Syracuse Park Foundation. Richard R. "Dick" Pelletier Read Obituary Here Lewiston-Robert L Pelletier 87 of Winthrop, Maine died peacefully and unexpectedly at Central Maine Medical Center on September 22, 2021, with his daughter Dottie by his side. He was born in Lewiston, Maine on February 18, 1934, the son of Paul Thibault and Elizabeth Chenard Pelletier. He was educated in the Auburn and Lewiston school system. He entered the United States Marine Corp and served in the Korean War. When he left his duty, he became a hand sewer making moccasins at Moc. Shoe and numerous shoe factories in the Lewiston area. Robert married Marguerite Bizier Caron of Lewiston and they raised three children in Auburn, they were married for 24 years. Robert coached his son’s Little League baseball team; he was a member of the VFW and American Legion. He loved everything outdoors, he was passionate about hunting and fishing and was looking forward to this year’s moose hunt with his grand daughter Sarah. He loved spending his time with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Robert Pelletier Read Obituary Here We all know the song that goes, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.” These words speak for the man our family knew and loved—his name, Andrew B. Mosher. We just knew him as Andy. And when Andy sang these words, he would sing them loud. Andy left us on September 7th, 2021, following a brief illness, with his family holding his hand and helping him along his final journey to where he would find his brother Rossiter Mosher, his grandparents Helen and Charles Mosher, and grandfather Bernard Lowry, waiting for him. Now, when we speak of Andy, we speak of the man who loved being an American, loved being a Mainer, and to narrow it down even further—loved being from “The Center”—Fairfield Center, to be exact. But Andy would say, I’m from “the centah.” Here Andy built his own home, with his own hands, from wood on his own property. He loved his home, and he shared his home with his life-partner and best friend, Shirley Stanley, and her family—which became “their family.” Andy was born on March 9th, 1966, in Waterville, Maine. His younger years were spent playing with his siblings on the “Old Hoxie Homestead” in North Fairfield and playing hide-and-go-seek behind the trees in the apple orchard, going rabbit hunting with dad, fishing at Grammy and Grampy’s camp, and being Grampy Bernard’s little shadow. Andrew Mosher Read Obituary Here Richard Knight Richard Morgan (Dick) Knight, 91, of Auburn passed away peacefully on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at home with loved ones at his side. Born September 22, 1929 in Albion, ME to Irene (Zwicker) and Henry Knight, Dick is survived by his wife of 70 years, Bonnie (Burns) from Augusta, ME; sons Richard (Elaine) of Rockland, ME; Terry (Maria) of Jacksonville, NC; Steve (Mary) of Austin, TX; Ken (Becky) of West Lafayette, IN; Bill (Ruby) of Greene, ME; Bob (Rose) of Auburn, ME; and Dan (Tina) of Las Vegas, NV; and a host of nieces, nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends he has entertained over the years with childhood stories, tall tales, jokes and even magic tricks. Dick had a disarming sense of humor and never missed a chance to laugh or get into a little mischief. His grandchildren adored him and he never tired of answering their questions, spinning yarns or spending time outside with them. He loved to hunt and fish, but he was more interested in the thrill than the kill—he loved spending time outside with family and friends. That said, he caught his fair share of fish and enjoyed venison and moose whenever he got lucky. Read Obituary Here Tyson Baron MILLINOCKET - Leon L. Baron, 72, died unexpectedly Wednesday, June 4, 2008, at a Millinocket hospital. He was born Dec. 18, 1935, in Millinocket, the son of Mark and Wiliana (Blanchette) Baron. Leon was a graduate of St. Martin of Tours Catholic High School, Class of 1954. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduation and served for four years before returning to Millinocket to work at Great Northern Paper Co. Leon worked for Great Northern Paper for more than 40 years, retiring in 1994. He was a dedicated volunteer to veteran's causes, and was passionate about proper honors being observed for veteran's funerals. Leon was a member of Rodney Stinson Post No. 4154, D.A.V., Donald V. Henry Post No. 80 of the American Legion and Francis Elliott Post No. 4154, all in Millinocket. He will long be remembered for his sharp appearance and strict adherence in administering veteran's honors and proper care of the American flag. In addition to his beloved wife, Joyce T. (Friel) Baron of Millinocket, Leon is survived by six children, Lee Baron of Bangor, Shelley Baron, Holly Baron, Danny Baron and his wife, Karen, Kevin Baron, and Corey Baron and his wife, Karyn; six grandchildren, three great-grandchildren; a brother, Phil Baron and his wife, Vicki, of Millinocket and their son, Jason Baron. Read Obituary Here Richard Worster SPRINGFIELD - Richard Earl "Dick" Worster passed away Sunday, November 3, 2019 at the age of 82 with his family by his side. Richard was born on September 26, 1937 in Ellsworth, Maine. After attending Lee Academy, Richard proudly served in the US Army's 11th Armored Calvary Regiment from 1956 to 1959. Following his military service, he worked for more than 35 years as a millwright. On December 20, 1960, he married the love of his life, Marjorie (Munson) Worster. They raised two kids, Kathy and Ken. Richard was a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He was well known as a Moxie-drinking, lobster-loving, German-speaking prankster that brought his family and friends much joy with his quick wit and sense of humor. He loved to hunt, fish, garden, coach and watch sports, especially when his kids or grandkids were involved. He defined the word present as no matter the activity, whether work or play, he was there, usually 30 minutes early. Having come from humble beginnings, he placed little importance on material possessions other than his love of vehicles which he babied and made last forever, like his 1998 Toyota Tacoma that is not allowed out of the garage in the winter. ​ Read Obituary Here Jean Belanger Jean Holt Townsend Belanger December 24, 1926 - August 16, 2013 RUMFORD, ME - Jean Holt Townsend Belanger, 86, of Rumford, died Friday, August 16, 2013 at the Rumford Community Home, Rumford, Maine after a period of declining health. She was born December 24, 1926, in Rumford, Maine, the daughter of Ezra and Flora (Jordan) Holt. She and her twin brother, Eugene, were the first twins born at Rumford Community Hospital. She attended Rumford schools, graduating from Stephens High School in June 1946. On October 6, 1946 she married Donald A. Townsend of Mexico, Maine. They resided in the Smithcrossing section of Rumford. Mr. Townsend died in December 1984. On February 14, 1987 she married Roland C. Belanger of Rumford. They resided on Somerset Street in Rumford. Jean was active in many organizations, including the Smithcrossing Mother's Club, the Mt. Zircon Chapter # 142, Order of the Eastern Star, the Women's Fellowship Club at the Mexico Green Church, and the Class of "46" Club. She enjoyed needlework, including sewing and knitting, and was an expert at cross-stitch. She made many beautiful creations for family and friends, and also donated her work for fundraising. Read Obituary Here Bruce Edward Brady 1955-2021 Bruce Edward Brady, 65, of Cheyenne, Wyoming passed away unexpectedly on Monday, January 4, 2021 at his home. Bruce was born January 28, 1955 in Kittery, Maine, a son of the late Manus and Helen (Cyr) Brady. Bruce served honorably in the United States Air Force for 29 and a half years, rising to F.E. Warren AFB Command Chief. He was recognized as one of twelve Outstanding Airman of the Year for 1985. He also enjoyed working as the Chief Human Resource Officer for Blue Federal Credit Union for 11 years. He was very active in the community and served numerous organizations including Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Military Affairs Committee, the Traveling Vietnam War Memorial, and President of Blue Federal Credit Union Foundation. He was a lifetime member of the NRA and enjoyed outdoor activities such as camping, golfing, recreational shooting and riding his motorcycle. Any person that ever came into Bruce's life he was happy to take the time to get to know and mentor. He was generous, kind and always willing to step up and fill a void when he saw a need. Bruce always put others before himself and his love for his family and friends knew no limits. He will be remembered for his wonderful smile and the way he tried to make the most of each day he was given. Bruce is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Robin Brady; son, Joshua Brady; daughter, Christine Coram; and grandchildren, Aidan and Cole Coram. Bruce Brady Read Obituary Here STEUBEN - Walter E. Campbell, 83, died Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010, at a Bangor hospital. He was born April 2, 1926, in Patten, the son of Onzie and Marion (McCort) Campbell. Walter was a World War II Army veteran having served in Italy and was a retired railroad machinist, but the occupation he truly enjoyed was lobster fishing. He also delighted in spending time with his family and doing carpentry projects around his home. Walter and his wife of 63 years, Ivis, spent many enjoyable years at their retirement home in Naples, Fla. He is survived by his wife, Ivis; three daughters, Sharon McKenney of Alton, Donna London and husband, Don, of Buxton and Joan Pinkham and husband, Elwood, of Steuben; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Walter was predeceased by two brothers, Ernest and Morris. The family requests that memorial donations be made to the Maine Veterans Home, Bangor, or Narraguagus Bay Healthcare Facility, Milbridge. Walter Campbell Read Obituary Here November 23, 1958- June 16, 2017 James Jay Chateauvert James Jay Chateauvert, 58, of Carlisle, passed away on Friday, June 16, 2017 at his home. He was born on November 23, 1958 in Lewiston, Maine, and is a son of Georgianna (King) Baril of Auburn, ME. Jim served in the US Army from 1975 to 1978. He was formerly employed with RWC, Inc. and was self-employed for many years. Jim was currently employed as a tow truck driver with Jerry's Towing, Carlisle. Jim was an avid woodworker and sign maker. In addition to his mother, he is survived by two brothers; Michael Chateauvert of Texas and Brian (wife, Janemari) Chateauvert of Wilbraham, MA, one sister, Karen Flagg of Leeds, ME and several nieces and nephews including; Amanda, Lindsay and Tyler Chateauvert. He was predeceased by one sister, Pamela Barker and his beloved dog, Carli. James Jay Chateauvert Read Obituary Here GLENBURN - Jonnie "Jon" Walton O'Roak, 72, passed peacefully February 7, 2021, after a six-month battle with bladder cancer; a battle he conducted with grace and courage. He was born February 12, 1948, in Houlton, the son of Walton and Gwendolyn (Whitehouse) O'Roak. Jon graduated from Island Falls High School, Class of 1966, after a high school career as an outstanding athlete, particularly in basketball. Jon attended the University of Maine, studying Forestry Management. He often said the best part of college life was meeting and catching his wife, even though she felt she caught him. Jon married his wife, Susan, on June 21, 1969, and they celebrated 51 years of marriage. In 2019, Jon and Sue traveled to Las Vegas where they renewed their vows in the Little Las Vegas Chapel of Love, officiated by the Reverend Elvis Presley. On St. Patrick's Day, 1978, the most important person in Jon's life entered the world. With the birth of his daughter, Erin, his little family was complete. On August 21, 2004, Erin married Michael Bird, who became the son Jon always wanted. Together, they created three little miracles, grandson, Liam and granddaughters, Quinn and Keegan Bird. Jonnie "Jon" Walton O'Roak Read Obituary Here DOVER-FOXCROFT - Donald A. Moulton, 85, passed away suddenly September 28, 2021, at Northern Light Mayo Regional Hospital, Dover-Foxcroft. He was born February 8, 1936, in Sangerville, the son of Lester C. Sr. and Hester B. (Goodell) Moulton. Don grew up in Sangerville and graduated from PCHS, class of 1954. He proudly served with the United States Army before owning and operating Moulton's Gulf Station in Dover-Foxcroft. Don later owned and operated Main Street Mobil before going to work for A.E. Robinson for 17 years until his retirement in 1997. Don was a 32nd degree mason for the Abner-Wade Lodge #207 A.F. & A.M. and a member of the Anah Shrine in Bangor. He served on many civic committees, including the S.A.D. 4 School Board, Guilford-Sangerville Water District, and Sangerville UUA Board of Directors. Don was an avid square dancer, and enjoyed playing golf and salmon fishing on Sebec Lake. After retirement, Don and his wife enjoyed wintering in North Port, Florida. Donald Albert Moulton Read Obituary Here ENFIELD - Grady Irving Thurlow, 71, passed away April 2, 2020. He was born January 8, 1949 in Lincoln, ME, to Richard and Dorothy (Arnold) Thurlow. He was best known as Papa. He loved the Dodlin Road, a forest of big pine, God and country. His life was complete with the love of his family. He proudly served his country in the United States Marine Corp during the Vietnam War and later the Maine Army National Guard. He was "always faithful" to his country, his family, and his Savior. He is leaving behind his sweetheart of 54 years, Martha, who he married in 1975. He is also survived by his four children, Grady A. Thurlow and his wife, Mariea, of Howland, ME, Sharon Sherman and her husband, Ron, of Richland, MI, Ruth Nicolson and her husband, Dan, of Norwood, NC, and Becky Sartin and her husband, Pat, of Beavercreek, OH. He was most proud of his eight grandchildren, Amanda, Wade, Corbin, Haylee, Jonny, Chris, Sage and Silas. In addition, he is survived by brothers, many brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws, nieces, nephews and cousins. He was preceded by both his parents and his brother, Wade Thurlow. His stories will be greatly missed by family and friends. Grady Irving Thurlow Read Obituary Here PLYMOUTH-Robert Chesley Kennison died September 28th in Plymouth, MA, from complications following stroke. He was 87. Born May 28, 1924 in Worcester, he was the son of the late Paul H. Kennison and Elizabeth R. (Williston), and sister of the late Carol A. Kennison (Whitney), all formerly of Westborough. A 1942 Westborough High School graduate, Robert entered the US Army Air Corps as a glider pilot trainee, but cutbacks saw him enlist in the US Navy in mid-1943 for the naval aviation cadets program. Almost a year later he was still in basic training, so he transferred to the Navy Armed Guard - naval personnel assigned to merchant vessels in communications, signaling, and gunnery roles - hoping to see action by war’s end. And action he saw, in convoys across the North Atlantic as a gunner aboard the Liberty Ships SS Harriet Tubman, SS Elbridge Gerry, and a T2 Tanker, SS Prairie Grove, until his honorable discharge in 1946. Humble about his service, he would say, “We just did what we were asked to do,” and often recalled friends from Westborough Fred Fleming, Francis Tully, and Harold Thompson, all killed in action, and the late Jim Marple of Burnsville, WV, a navy friend from those days. Robert Kenneson Read Obituary Here CORINTH - Ronald J. Wilcox Sr., 81, passed away peacefully, January 17, 2021, in Bangor. He was born July 4, 1939, the son of William and Phyllis Wilcox, of East Corinth. Ronald was predeceased by his parents; and the love of his life, wife, Lorraine, who died in September of 2020, after 59 years of marriage. Ron was a machinist and welder by trade, who enjoyed rebuilding many old cars and traveling to classic car events. He belonged to the "Dusters," an antique car club, and traveled with the "Central Maine Street Rods." He enjoyed wood turning with "The Cellar Boys" and helped others learn this art as well. Ron was an avid outdoorsman who especially liked to hunt and fish, and going on adventures with his late wife, which included Sunday morning road trips for breakfast. Surviving are his two children, Karen Alexander of Hudson and Ronald Wilcox Jr. of Bangor; three granddaughters, Katey, Emily, and Sarah; and four great-grandchildren whom he loved immensely. Ronald Wilcox

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