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Backwoods of Maine... here we come!

Thank you Jason for your donation of these 2 incredible wall tents.

Some of you are wondering - what do you do with a wall tent?

Wall tents are suitable as a four-season tent, as they are able to accommodate a wood stove so they will be a great addition to the lodge for attendee and volunteer lodging.

These tents are light weight yet sturdy, making them a great addition to the House in the Woods tools. We're exploring the possibility of adding a backcountry retreat to our offerings, which is super exciting!

Anyone know a good Elk hunt guide looking for an out west adventure?

Whether it's right in our backyard in Lee, in the backwoods of Maine, or traveling out west to the great unknown... these tents are another step in the growing offerings of retreats for our Military Heroes.

Thank you JASON, for GIVING BACK... thanks to your generosity, willingness to lend a hand, and for your vision... we appreciate you and as do those who will experience the mission as you have.


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