Where does House in the Woods find their fundraising items used at Donation Drives like the Golf Tournaments or other Auctions?

House in the Woods relies on generous sponsors (individuals and organizations) in order to support us in our fundraising efforts, which in turn keeps the lights on and the doors open for veterans to stay at the lodge, participate in outdoor retreats, and in many cases, aide in their healing process.

Generous donors like Lars Owren... see a need, look at their resources, and make donations like this. We in turn use these in fundraising drives, which often times yield more than their value, and in turn becomes a sponsor for a veteran attending a retreat.

The bottom line is... you don't need to donate money. Whatever your time, talent and resources allow... THAT is how you GIVE BACK. It's a team effort and everyone has something to give.

THANK YOU Lars, thank you Jojo's Gunworks in Connecticut and Whitney's Outfitters of Lincoln, Maine for aiding in the process.

Want more information on where you can get in on This action? (Details have not officially been released yet) Send an email to Angie at angie.gade@houseinthewoods.org

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