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Mother Nature can Cure Most things... especially from the neck UP!

You know that feeling, you wake in the morning and feel a chill on your cheek. Instead of popping out of bed, you pull that blanket up over your shoulder and curl your toes in tight, letting out a little sigh. It’s fall, and the winds of change are coming. No more sweaty, sticky fingers on your daily walk. Instead of grabbing a ballcap, you’ll look for one with a beanie or a fuzzy sweatshirt, on the way out the door. 


Fall is in the air and, if you’re like us, this is our favorite time of the year. Not only are the leaves changing colors, but if you sit quietly enough for just a bit you’ll find yourself among a sea of colored leaves and a little breeze blowing through your hair. That smell though, there are no words to describe it. There’s something about the smell of crispy rainbow assorted leaves that puts a big smile on my face and makes me stop for a moment to breathe it all in nice and slow. 

It puts me in the mood for some hot cocoa, or perhaps a caramel apple or some homemade

pumpkin pie… yum, now you’re talking! 


Mother Nature sure got it right when she gave us the gift of the great outdoors. The sun, clouds, wind, lakes, woodlands, prairies or streams, wherever you go, you will find it. PEACE. 


If you’re among the large percentage of individuals who report having anxiety or depression,

please hear us out. Nature can work miracles. Do you like the sound of reduced stress, more focus,

improved creativity, reconnection with friends and family, improved mood, sleep, and self-


Us too! 


Reports have concluded that AWE… as opposed to joy, pride, amusement, contentment, and other positive emotions, is the single sensation that goes the furthest in boosting one’s overall sense of well-being. 


AWE can only be described as an experience that fills you with complete and utter joy, leaving you unable to think about or focus on anything else. 


AWE is the ingredient you benefit from when being in nature, and why it’s so good for you.


It is our theory at House in the Woods, that the more opportunities you have to feel AWE, the

better you’re going to feel, and will boost your overall well-being.

Bobby Lader of Marolina Outdoor has the right idea, “Mother Nature can cure most things,

especially from the Neck UP!”


Outdoor retreats offered at House in the Woods do just that, and even better, you experience it alongside the men and women who understand you most, your fellow military brothers and sisters.

When you feel the awe together, you build a bond. That’s what becoming part of the House in the Woods family is about… HEALING TOGETHER.


That being said, head out into nature, even if for just a few minutes. Look around at the leaves, trees, bugs, trails, animals, streams and mountains. See the awe and feel the wonder. FEEL the Peace. 


Keep watching our Facebook Page and website for updates on the latest retreats and upcoming events at the lodge.

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