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The House in the Woods 11th Annual Lake Ontario Veteran Fishing Retreat was a HUGE SUCCESS!

14 veterans from Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Maine came together in Oswego, New York to fish Lake Ontario in search of Steelhead and Salmon.

Not only did they catch fish but from the feedback we heard, they found peace, new friends, appreciation for people's generosity, and healing that some hadn't even realized they needed.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Bobbie & Mike of Sticks Bar & Grill who so graciously hosts us year after year, feeding us amazing food, taking us out for ice cream, giving us a warm and comfortable place to stay and showing us all so much love

Thank you to Jim of Hat Trick Charters, and the 3 other Fishing Guides & Crews who gave up a day out of their busy schedule and business to take out 14 veterans for a weekend of fun, relaxing fishing.

They did all of the hard work and allowed the veterans all the glory when a fish was on the line.

Thank you to the Woodchuck Saloon for hosting us for an AMAZING steak lunch and special homemade treats!

Thank you to our fellow military supporting organizations, Ultimate Veteran Adventures & Hometown Hero Outdoors for joining us on this amazing adventure.

We value your partnership, and all that you do to support our American Heroes!

As we close the book on yet another successful retreat we have to give thanks to God for bringing us all together and allowing us a special place in the outdoors with special people, where we can Heal Together.

Until next year Oswego... thank you for the hospitality.

If you’re in the Oswego, New York area in the future be sure to check out these businesses.

Anyone who supports veterans the way they do… are good people in our book!

COMING UP… Bath, Maine Striper Fishing Retreat

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