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Our loved ones leave a legacy behind, and through sharing their interests and passions, we honor them and share a little of them with the world even after they are no longer physically with us.

​By making a donation to House in the Woods in honor of, or in memory of... you're showing your loved one in some way, believes in honoring our military men and women, and GIVING BACK.

When you see their name or photo on our IN MEMORY PAGE, please let it be a reminder that your loved one continues on not only in your heart and mind, but in those of anyone who visits here. ​

We honor and remember your loved ones. We will place your loved one on our website for any donation amount.

We would like to share that any donation of $1,000 or more will help sponsor a veteran on a retreat. If a donation in that amount or more is made, we will name you and your loved one as the sponsors of that particular veteran and share with you, updates about your veteran and their experience on retreat.

Questions? Contact Angie Gade 920-517-6749

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