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How do you call in a Bull Moose in Maine?

Just how DO you call a bull moose in?

Do four or five short grunts mimicking another bull moose, followed by another short sequence of cow calls. That's it... easy right?

Calling bull moose during the rut is the biggest draw due to the high probability of attracting a bull with vocalizations. Getting a bull to respond to your calls is nothing short of magical. Calling is effective throughout the breeding period, but the key is recognizing when the action begins, peaks, and ends. Similar to whitetails, the timing of the moose estrus is consistent from year to year. Bulls will continue looking for cows in heat even after the rut peak is over.

THANK YOU CODY MOORE for your service.

We're so grateful to be able to spend this time with you!

Thank you Rick Wotton for sharing your camp and your generosity of helping guide this hunt. This team is going to ROCK the moose hunt and a little birdy told us perhaps a bull has been spotted in the area! Good luck out there and be safe!

We'll keep everyone updated as Cody and the guides venture into the woods on Monday October 11th.

Veteran retreats are priceless ways that we can thank and honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Thank you to those of you who have donated towards sponsorship of this Purple heart veteran's retreat. To date we've raised $395 towards this retreat and still in need of sponsorship.

To find out more about sponsoring Cody or other veterans on future retreats, please send a FB DM, email, text or call Angie Gade Your support is greatly appreciated, allowing us to continue hosting veterans for Free**


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