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As he uttered the words he again had a vivid mental picture of the kitchen. He could see his dad, Ruth, her, and Jimmy, all staring at him, all saying, What, her, Miss Kean! Never! . . . What about Janie?

He said suddenly, I m not going to make any excuses about me people; I m not going to hide them; you ll have to meet them

I ll be pleased to, very pleased to. I ve never had any people of my own.

He said suddenly on a laugh, You know something? I ll never make excuses to you, I ll always tell you the truth. That s a promise. It ll likely not always please you . . .

It won t. She was pulling a long face at him now and her laughter was high, slightly out of control as she said, It certainly won t if you tell me you are going out gambling every night.

When his eyes widened and his lips fell apart her laughter increased and she cried with the air of a young teasing girl, which lay awkwardly on her, Didn t I tell you I know most things about most people in this town?

His face straight and his voice flat, he asked, How did you know about that?

Deduction, and the one word you kept repeating when you were in hospital. When I first saw you, you said again and again, “Pittie. Pittie. Pittie.” The second time I visited you you were still saying it.

I was?

Yes, and you know when a man gets beaten up as you were there s nearly always something behind it. A footpad might have hit you on the head and knocked you senseless, but then I don t think he would have kicked you within an inch of death s door. After thinking about it, I realized you were telling everyone the name of your assailants, but no one seemed to be taking any notice, they thought you were saying, “lsn t it a pity?” when what you were really doing was giving them the name of the men who attacked you, the Pittie brothers. The Pittie brothers are well-known scoundrels, besides being dirty gamblers. They were fined for gambling some short time ago.

Huh! Huh! A smile was spreading over his face, widening his mouth. He now put his head back on his shoulder and laughed until his body shook, and she laughed with him.



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