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Healing doesn't just happen in Maine!

TOGETHER WE HEAL... the motto here at House in the Woods Military & Family Retreat.

Whether we're having coffee at the lodge, ice fishing in Lee, Maine, gator hunting in Florida, or Sturgeon Spearing in Wisconsin, there's one thing that all of our retreat have in common and that's not the animals...

HEALING is happening.

Behind every face, every smile, every veteran - there's a story. That story is unique and special, and understood best by other veterans. It is our pleasure, duty, and honor to make it possible for our veterans to come together, share time in the outdoors for healing and camaraderie.

Here you'll see the first leg of our Florida retreat, fishing off Pompano Beach, Florida thanks to our very generous Veteran host Aaron, and his beautiful wife Vanessa.

Thanks to generous donors and hosts like Aaron, healing is possible.

Enjoy a sneek peak into our Florida retreat, and be on the lookout for pictures and videos of something a little more toothy to come...

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